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Olympus Labs Lean Demigod Stack!

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Product Description

Olympus Labs Lean Demigod Stack!


  1. Olympus Labs IGNIT3 (Fat Burner)
  2. Olympus Labs ASSASS1NATE (Non-Stimulant Thermogenic Furnace Ignition)
  3. Olympus Labs SUP3R-SHRED (Non-Stimulant-Based Body Fat Reducer)

IGNIT3 by Olympus Labs

Advanced Fat Burning Formula

As the human race has evolved over time there have been several positive advancements in technology, commerce, and medicine that have been beneficial for society.  However, there has been negative impacts that have accompanied those advancements.  Our lives have become saturated with various tasks leaving little time leftover for exercise, proper nutrition and rest.  Furthermore, the typical western diet consisting of an excessive amount of high fat and high-sugar, overly processed foods has led to excessive weight gain in some individuals.

At the same time, there is tremendous pressure in our society to be fit and lean.  There is no shortage of companies catering to this demographic.  The supplement market is so oversaturated with fat burners that many are overwhelmed by all the options.  Unfortunately, all of these products over promise and deliver mediocre results.  Even fat burner supplements from reputable companies are only mildly effective.  As a result, the consumer has devolved into a state of cynicism and has drifted further away from their target weight.  So what can be done to TR1UMPH over this barrier?  Your friends at Olympus Labs are here to help you.

The DemiGods at Olympus Labs have conjured up a fat burning formula so advanced and aggressive your guilt will turn into pride as you evolve past genetic barriers to reveal a fitter version of yourself.  Olympus Labs presents IGNIT3; an explosive fat incinerator!  IGNIT3 is like nothing you have seen before, it is truly a revolutionary product.  So what differentiates IGNIT3 from all the other fat burners out there?  It is quite simple actually, Olympus Labs underwent an extensive research process to develop the ultimate fat burning blend, backed by clinical science.  Several ingredients were considered and rejected because they did not satisfy our strict criteria of Innovation, Value and Results.

A supplement formula does not necessarily need to contain a new ingredient to be innovative.  Although IGNIT3 includes relatively new and emerging ingredients like Eria Jarensis and J. Regia, the innovation lies within the combination of mechanisms of action IGNIT3 targets.  The two aforementioned ingredients,  Eria Jarensis and J. Regia are combined with Rauwolfia Serpentina in the Adrenergic Enhancing Trifecta blend that act upon thesympathetic nervous system aid in fat loss.  We are excited as you are about that blend alone, but IGNIT3 targets four more pathways for a total of 5 synergistic pathways.  The AMPlified Fat Incinerating Matrix with St. John’s Wort Extract, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract and Caffeine targets the activated protein kinase (AMPK) to regulate metabolic function.

The Brown Fat + Thyroid Modulating & Total PPAR Domination blend covers the remaining three pathways.  The blend consists of Aframomum Melegueta which activates Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) which leads to thermogenesis, Ginger Root Extract for BAT activation and to regulate the thyroid hormone and Olive Leaf Extract which also activates BAT.  Olive Leaf Extract and the final two ingredients, Sesamol and Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract all activate peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) to stimulate your metabolism and adipogenesis, the inhibition of fat storage in the body.

Take a quick glance at the product label of IGNIT3 and it is clear that this is not your average fat burner.  Although you may recognize some of the ingredients from some other fat burning supplements, we challenge you to look closer at those formulas.  Is it just 1-2 effective ingredients accompanied with poor performing and cheap fillers?  Are the doses comparable?  IGNIT3 utilizes 11, yes 11, beneficial ingredients at effective doses backed by clinical studies.  But that’s not all, as always, Olympus Labs uses superior extracts for superior results.

That is exactly where other fat burner supplements fail, they contain random ingredients that simply do not complement each other.  The manufacturers of said products clearly have no regard for the time and hardwork you put into looking your best.  Their sole motivation is to profit from your misfortune.  Olympus Labs would never compromise our morals and resort to such a practice. IGNIT3 targets 5 different pathways to ensure you obtain noticeable results.  Olympus Labs is here to help you get back on track towards your weight loss goals.  We have generated the spark to IGNIT3 your thermogenic furnace!



Aspiring DemiGods and DemiGoddesses are continuously working to TR1UMPH over mediocrity to achieve the ultimate physique.  A part of that process requires periods when you need to shift your focus to fat loss.  The dreaded dieting phase where you reduce calories, usually in the form of carbs to get shredded.  A lower calorie diet will reduce energy levels so you increase intake of stimulants.  Sound familiar?  There has to be a better way!

It would be nice if there was a supplement that helped you lose weight without starving yourself to induce weight loss and subsequently depending on stimulants to remain functional.  Thankfully, there is a supplement company that has the foresight to attempt such a feat.  Olympus Labs is proud to present  ASSASS1NATE, a combined stimulant free fat burner and glucose disposal agent (GDA) supplement.  

Olympus Labs considers the customer’s needs before profits and utilizes the best minds in the business to formulate supplements. The end result is innovative and effective products that are worth your hard earned money.  ASSASS1NATE is no exception as it achieves everything you would expect in a fat burner plus additional benefits you never would think were possible.   ASSASS1NATE allows you to CONQU3R dieting with the following two potent matrices.

The Metabolism Stimulation & Extreme Thermogenic Activation with 630mg Dihydromyricetin, 25mg Trans-Tiliroside and 100mg Carnosic acid will IGNIT3 the thermogenic furnace to start melting the pounds away.  This matrix will help you lose weight by stimulating energy metabolism and utilizing caloric intake more effectively. In addition, these compounds have GDA properties that will allow you to utilize food, especially carbs, as fuel instead of storing it as fat. It is recommended you dose ASSASS1NATE prior to your largest meals to take advantage of the GDA aspect of the formula.  But don’t worry these compounds will not drop your blood sugar and cause a hypoglycemic effect, so you should not feel pressured to have a high carbohydrate meal.

The second matrix, The Potent Fat Inhibition & Cannabinoid (CB1) Receptor Modulation, is the perfect compliment to the previous blend. It consists of our custom 150mg Olive Leaf Extract, 25mg Lutein and 300mg Orthosiphon Stamineus Extract that target several fat burning pathways.  It directly burns fat by targeting several different pathways including PPAR-α, PPARγ, CPT1 and increasing leptin.  Leptin is a hormone that regulates how your body utilizes stored energy.  It directly burns fat by preventing the storage of fat and reducing appetite.  In addition, it will inhibit the Cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptor in adipocytes , a novel pathway that improves lipid metabolism and regulates glucose levels.

Sound too good to be true?  Perhaps you need to raise your expectations on the quality of the supplements you purchase.  Olympus Labs care about quality, from the selection of the ingredients in our supplements to the sourcing and testing of said ingredients.  That is precisely why Olympus Labs supplements deliver Results!   We are extremely confident ASSASS1NATE will continue that trend.  A potent stimulant free fat burner and GDA in one.  The supplement that you never even thought of, but need to have!

SUP3R-SHRED by Olympus Labs

Introducing SUP3R-SHRED, where science and shredding meet!

We at Olympus UK are proud to present a compound never before brought to market! A leap forward in innovation, Alpha tested in house for safety and efficacy, we bring you… SUP3R-SHRED!

So, what is the active ingredient in SUP3R-SHRED that makes it innovative? Well, SUP3R-SHRED contains Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl, a naturally occurring molecule derived from the herb Artemisia Iwayomogi (of the Asteraceae family), commonly referred to as “Haninjin,”[1] one of the major medicinal materials used in traditional Korean medicine, which can  also can be found in Korean cuisine.

Data regarding a 95% ethanolic extract of Artemisia Iwayomogi, which contained 3.55% Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl, showed the ability to activate PPAR-Delta (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta), a mechanism that is unique among supplements.[2] This same extract was shown to increase skeletal muscle fatty acid oxidation and increase the expression of genes involved in lipid catabolism, as well as attenuate body weight gain in high fat diet-fed mice and thus protect against diet-induced obesity. It is plausible that Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl alone is directly responsible for this effect, as it does share a weak structural similarity to GW501516 (Cardarine), a synthetic PPAR-Delta agonist noted for similar effects. However, unlike GW501516, Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl is a naturally occurring molecule with a long-standing safety record as a component of Haninjin, which has been consumed in Korea for generations as part of traditional Korean medicine. This makes Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl the safest and strongest PPAR-Delta agonist on the market!

So what is PPAR-delta, and what does agonism (activation) of this receptor do? Simply put, PPAR-Delta is a regulator of lipid metabolism, and agonism of this receptor has been shown to induce fatty acid oxidation via PGC-1alpha.[3] In fact, it changes the body’s fuel preference from glucose to lipids. Brunmair et al. reported that PPAR-Delta activation acts to suppress glucose utilization as a result of a switch in substrate preference from carbohydrates to lipids in skeletal muscle. [5] That translates to enhanced body fat loss and improved endurance capabilities. And may even potentially lead to enhanced recovery, as PPAR-Delta activation is also associated with enhanced skeletal muscle regeneration.[4] PPAR-Delta activators even have positive general health effects, such as being shown to improve insulin resistance, reduce plasma glucose and reduce serum triglycerides.

So, in summary:

  1. Aids in Body Fat Reduction
  2. Increases Stamina
  3. Increases Endurance
  4. Enhances Athletic Performance
  5. Enhances Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
  6. Improves Insulin Resistance
  7. Potentially Reduces Serum Triglycerides

Don’t pass up on the benefits of Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl and its game-changing PPAR-Delta modulating abilities! In typical Olympus UK fashion, we cut no corners, with SUP3R-SHRED containing a mind-blowing 9g of Dibromo-4-methoxybiphenyl per bottle! That’s a full 30-day supply of 300mg per day! Get on the cutting edge of getting cut, see where science meets shredding, and pick up your bottle of SUP3R-SHRED today!

~Side Effects of SUP3R-SHRED:

In-house Alpha testing showed no side effects whatsoever, nor are there any known side effects associated with Artemisia Iwayomogi extracts. SUP3R-SHRED is a non-hormonal, and thus a non-suppressive, product. It requires no PCT following usage.

~Dosing, Timing and Cycle Length:

The recommended dosing for SUP3R-SHRED is 3 capsules (300mg) daily, with 1 capsule (100mg) taken 3 times per day before meals. Optimal cycle lengths are 30-60 days.