Thermo-XT (Fat Burner)

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Product Description

Platinum Nutra Thermo-XT

Maximum Weight Loss Catalyst

THERMO-XT provides a consistent level of energy that lasts 12 hours compared to most weight loss supplements that utilize the standard surge and crash method. Weight loss is hard enough, so we’ve formulated a product we are proud to say covers all the basis of what a weight loss formula should be. If you’re looking for a formula that provides quality energy, supreme focus and a strong appetite suppressant matrix then THERMO-XT is for you.

MicroE-Caffeine: Better than Regular Caffeine

Most dietary supplements that contain regular caffeine typically do not last long. In order to maintain some level of high energy, you are going to require several doses throughout the day. MicroE-Caffeine provides up to 12 hours of blissful energy through it’s unique delivery system.

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