LIPO SHIFT: Nighttime Fat Incinerator (50% OFF with Code 'CLEARANCE')

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PM Fat Incinerator 

Increase Metabolism During Downtime

Decrease Cortisol Levels

Boost REM Sleep For Optimal Recovery

Improve Blood Glucose Control


Lipo-shift works best when your metabolism is already working hard throughout the day. Pair with Lipo-Hack by Ntel Nutra for optimal results. 


Lipo-Charge PM Matrix 2,777mg per serving:

Hoodia Gordonii

Conjugated Linoeic Acid


Phenyl GABA

Raspberry Keytones





Ntel Nutra is a PROUD U.S. Veteran owned and operated company, with the optimal fitness of it's consumers in mind. We strive to assist consumers around the world become the absolute best version of themselves. We will never compromise the integrity of the industry, and want to ensure that NTEL NATION is ALWAYS prepared for war! 

Ntel Nation is more than supplements. Ntel Nation is a group of ordinary people who are willing to fight like Marines for the betterment in all area of their lives. Excellence in health, relationships, and business is something we all strive for. Ntel Nation provides a pathway to join an ARMY of individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. We welcome you. Please keep us updated on our progress, and follow along with the rest of Ntel Nation!


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