WHY did Advanced Supps chose to partner with Centurion Labz?

WHY did Advanced Supps chose to partner with Centurion Labz?

WHY did Advanced Supps choose to partner with Centurion Labz?

Advanced Supps has had a close relationship with Centurion Labz since our embryonic phases. Why Centurion? The answers are obvious..we thought the Helmets and Swords were SUPER COOL and made us feel like BIG TOUGH MEN!

While that isn't entirely untrue, that is not one of the primary reasons. Centurion Labz was co-founded by two Doctors. Highly experienced, educated and innovative men, Dr. Nicholas Puccio & Dr. Joseph Kepko have successfully launched a brand of skin care and rejuvenation centers, brought their expertise and sterling reputations to the nutritional supplement world. That was something we wanted to be associated with.

In addition to Dr. Puccio & Kepko, Team Centurion was shortly joined by 6 time IFBB Champion Guy Cisternino. The brand was now headed by two Doctors and a world renowned body building champion. Guy's credibility and knowledge enhanced an already growing brand and when Guy agreed to personally appear at several of our Grand Opening and Launch events, we knew that Centurion Labz, like Advanced Supps was a brand that "talked the talk" and "walked the walk".

Over the years our relationship with Centurion Labz has morphed and grown into more of a symbiotic relationship. We have participated in each other's events and promotions, supported each other's efforts and most recently teamed up to produce some of the most innovative and effective products on the market. In 2018 Centurion & Advanced Supps teamed up to produce the highly anticipated GOD OF FIRE Extreme Pre-Workout supplement. God of Fire made its Arnold Classic debut in 2019 and was the "talk of the festival". It is still known as one of the hardest hitting and most exciting pre-workouts available today.

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Advanced Supps & Centurion pulled the trigger on their most recent initiative to bring the same passion and quality they brought to the pre-workout world to the fat burning realm. We are currently at the tail end stages of production of our first run of SOLAR FLARE Fat Burner, another highly anticipated tandem effort that will debut later in 2019.

So why did we team with Centurion Labz? Why do we continue to carry nearly their entire product line, including newest releases like God of Rage Reloaded and Legion Fat Burner?

It all boils down to the same goal we strive for, and the same reason we hope our great customers continue to shop with us...CREDIBILITY.

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Apr 16th 2020 Jordan Michael Coulson

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