TREVOR - Throughout high school, I made frequent attempts to get in shape. Every summer, I would run and start dieting. Mentally, I would be trying so hard and staying disciplined, but physically, I just wasn't seeing a change. Finally, about 9 years ago, once I was in college and able to keep a consistent routine, I made a promise to myself that I would persevere until I reached my goals. My number 1 goal was to be able to look in the mirror and say "I'm there". Every single day, I would look in the mirror and say "I'll get there."  NOW, I say "I'm getting there", And some days, I say "I'm almost there."  One day, I WILL SAY, "I AM THERE!!!"  That's what motivates and drives me to continue improving myself, one day at a time. It's been a huge challenge with my body type, and I understand the challenges that come with physical and health setbacks, but starting and diving even deeper into the fitness world has catapulted me far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am getting there and I'm proud of it, as I look back and see how far I've come. It has been much slower and more difficult that I thought it would be, but I AM GETTING THERE!

Every single person who shows appreciation for what we do fulfills and excites me so much. Helping others overcome their challenges and reach their personal, health, and fitness goals is why I genuinely love working towards improving our products, service, and reach. The better we can help people and the more people we can help, the happier I have been finding myself to be. *As the Owner & Founder of Advanced Supps, Trevor wears many hats, spends most of his week at our Corporate HQ and Shipping Center and frequently drops in at all of our retail locations. Trevor has a tireless work ethic and truly puts his blood, sweat, tears and heart into Advanced Supps!



BRANDON - I started working in the supplement and nutrition industry while in college and developed a passion for how these products help the consumer reach their fitness goals.  I aim to help the consumer reach those goals by any means necessary, and when I see them hit those goals it means so much to me.  That's what keeps me motivated and excited to come to work for Advanced Supps day in and day out! *As our Chief Operating Office, Brandon is in charge of making sure that online orders are processed and sent to your doorstep in an efficient and timely manner, among many other duties in the company. Brandon spends most of his time at our Corporate HQ and Shipping Center.



DEVON - I’m married with 2 kids and a dog. My passion comes from wanting to be healthy and be around for a long time for my kids.  Losing family to cancer and then being diagnosed myself with cancer in 2018 makes me want to be better every day.  I am proud to say I have been a part of Advanced Supps since 2017. I Love working with a company that isn’t about the bottom line, but instead the customer. *Devon managers and creates a portion of the content for all of Advanced Supps social media accounts, as well as conducting 'on location' promotional events, demos and more. Devon is also featured in a vast array of Advanced Supps videos, tutorials and more.



ZACH - Zach is a Senior Store Manager at Advanced Supps and spends most of his time at our West York retail location and at our Corporate HQ and Shipping Center. Zach's knowledge of products and ingredients is almost unparalleled and he is able to answer any customer question that may arise. Zach also plays guitar and writes music, along with his passion for body building and training. Zach recently ascended to Store Manager of our West York store and is a big hit with customers due to extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the products we carry.



STERLING - Sterling graduated from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster PA where he currently resides. Sterling is an avid power lifter, athlete, amateur wrestler and Balloon Pilot. Sterling is known for his large physique but calm demeanor and attentiveness to customers. He is almost always found managing our Union Deposit location in Harrisburg PA near CRUNCH FITNESS. Sterling's favorite quotes..

"Our capacity to learn is limited by how much we settle for".

"The truth is a mystery for the open-minded, and a reality for the close-minded".

"Across the planes of consciousness, we have to live the paradox that opposite things can be simultaneously true." ~ Ram Dass


"ROGER THAT" - Sterling



DESTINY - Originally born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Destiny is fluent in both Spanish and English. Destiny manages our LA FITNESS Smoothie Bar & Store location in Camp Hill PA. She can usually be found doing squats, leg presses or various other workouts, as she is truly a fitness addict. Destiny is always a big hit with customers because of her delicious smoothies and especially being able to converse with our Spanish speaking clientele. She is very active and has a lovable yet firey personality that you can't help but love! Destiny is cousins with one of our newest team members, David and extremely hard working, passionate and driven.



GINA - I’ve always been very passionate about health and wellness, but didn’t take it too seriously until the start of this year.  I was tired of being unhappy and unhealthy so I decided to make a change and transform myself, knowing that each day I continue to grow into the very best version of myself that I possibly can be, which is the most important and fulfilling gift you can ever give yourself.  I am a classically trained singer and dancer who specializes in R&B and Spanish music, Hip-Hop and Latin Ballroom dance styles.  I have belonged to a Social Enterprise called “REACH!” for almost 14 years, a program that helps young people achieve their personal and professional goals through the performing arts, business guidance, and youth mentorship.  I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and currently working on Weight Loss and Fitness Nutrition Certifications, as well as my own healthy meal prep company start up because I love to cook and bake flavorful, nutritious food.  My goal and dream is to share my passion for healthy living with others so that it might transform their lives for the better just like it did mine! *Gina is our newest addition to the Advanced Supps family and spends most of her time at our Smoothie Bar, located inside of LA FITNESS CAMP HILL, whipping up delicious and nutricious smoothies!



DAVID - One of the newest additions to our team, David fit in right away. He is a Certified NASM Personal Trainer and spends his time at Crunched in Harrisburg as well as helping to maintain our Union Deposit Road retail location. David is a former football player in Sufferan New York and is quickly becoming popular with our Advanced Supps customers. David is cousins with our LA FITNESS Smoothie Bar & Store Manager Destiny Grajales and loves being a part of the Advanced Supps team and continuing on his personal fitness journey.



WILL - Started as a customer when Advanced was in its early infancy in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania where he was born, raised and currently resides. Will began working for the company when we were still based out of our original location in the Hartzdale Plaza in the spring of 2018. He studied marketing & advertising at Penn State University where he holds a Bachelor's Degree and works toward implementing that knowledge base into the company, and he has his hands on many of the day-to-day operations at our shipping center & outlet store in York, PA as well as our online store. 

"I was active in sports including football and lacrosse from an early age up until graduating from high school where I first began weight lifting -- but following that time, my physical fitness routine became nearly non-existent. After years of neglecting my health, I became out of shape, over-weight and generally unhappy with my appearance. One day about five years ago, I stepped on the scale, looked in the mirror and decided I was determined to change. I began my transformation with losing 50 pounds over an eight month period through a strict diet and beginner level workout routine. From there, I quickly delved into a very strenuous lifting routine and began to educate myself to learn everything I could about sports supplements. Luckily, I found Advanced Supps where Trevor helped guide me toward reaching my goals. Since then, I've researched and studied nearly every compound used in the sports supplements world and have personal experience using many myself over the years. I'm always happy to help anyone reach their goals, to help educate individuals, and to share my own experiences and advice with anyone who can benefit from it."