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We are located in Central Pennsylvania, in an area where only large corporate store chains existed, and although they are very successful, we wanted to create something very unique and different.

So we started Advanced Supps with a brick and mortar store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And then, we wanted to make our products and service available to more people, so we started, to have a greater reach nation-wide.

We offer, not the biggest name brands, but in our opinion, the best supplement brands available. The brands that are smaller and are willing to work harder to make the products you’re looking for. The products made with 1.) effective ingredients at 2.) great doses with 3.) quality in mind.

Our prices are set to be the lowest found anywhere EVERY SINGLE DAY. PLUS, we’re constantly trying our best to run great specials on top of our great prices. AND, if you every see a better price somewhere else, show us and we’ll BEAT IT no problem!

And I’m sure you’re familiar with our FREE shipping over just $50 orders?! And we strive to ship your order same day! This means that even across the country, you are receiving your order within days, often just 2 days, after you place your order. And we cover the cost!

Also, we have been working on providing even more for our customers. Free samples for every order (images below to represent), product giveaways, free gifts with purchase, and reward programs! We’re very excited to continue improving, because progress is more fulfilling than standing still!

It truly means so much to us to see customers become loyal to, as we’re doing everything we possibly can to be different from any other company out there.

We at AdvancedSupps are extremely grateful to have hard-working and dedicated owners who motivate everyone here to help every single customer as much as possible. They are constantly showing us that changing customers’ lives for the better is what we’re here for. Trevor, founder of, is very passionate about what we do and is extremely hands-on with customers:

“I make myself 100% available for our customers. I am here for any questions or concerns you may have. My goal with was to provide the same service to a customer across the country as the service given to a customer who shops in my stores locally. I am very blessed that we have loyal customers, even though we are a very small business here in Pennsylvania. It means the world that people are shopping regularly with us, even though they live across the country. That kind of support is what will allow us to continue to offer more for our customers. It’s extremely encouraging. And customers who appreciate what I’m doing is the fuel that keeps me very hands-on and in touch with my customers all day long. Thank you all so much for everything!”

Please contact us if there’s anything we can do to help you with your goals. Email us at or give us a call during normal business hours at +1 (717) 553-0500. Most importantly, don’t ever give up on your goals. Persistence is the hardest, but most rewarding part of the fitness industry! Take care and thank you for reading about our story!

Apr 16th 2020 Trevor Bower, owner

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