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Our Virtual Consultation is being built and continually evolving to provide the most guidance to our customers as possible. It's our priority to get everyone the products that will help them the most for reaching their goals.

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Introduction to the Virtual Consultation

Reaching Your Goals


QUESTIONS: Do I need preworkout? What should I choose? What if I workout late at night or just don't like stimulant stuff?


QUESTIONS: I'm trying to lose weight but I don't want to buy something that doesn't work. I heard fat burners don't work. How do I know what I can take? I don't want to feel jittery but I want good results.


QUESTIONS: I want something to add to a fat burner, what can I take? I can't use caffeine or don't want a stimulant in my fat burner, but I still want to lose weight, what are my options? I want the best results possible for looking my best but don't know what's best for my goals and what serves what purpose.


QUESTIONS: I want to build muscle but I don't know what all of the options are, and what would be best for me. Can you explain all of the options and break down who's best suited for what options and real feedback you get on what results I can expect?


QUESTIONS: Do aminos work? What exactly do they do? Do you recommend them? Are they essential? What are the best options? 


QUESTIONS: There are many types of protein so what do you suggest for me and why? Can you break down the different options and what's their best use or purpose? 


QUESTIONS: Do you carry any products that are specifically designed for women? Are they just packaged and designed to appeal to women but are the same as everything else? What women's products do you have and what's their purpose? What feedback specifically from women who have used and reviewed these products have you been getting?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

QUESTION: Can I contact you guys if I have a question, and what if it's a dumb one? ANSWER: We are here for any questions at all! If we didn't enjoy helping others, we wouldn't be employed here.


QUESTION. Do you ship orders quickly? ANSWER. We ship same day when ordered early in the day and use fast shipping methods. Getting your order quickly is our priority.

QUESTION: Why don't you guys carry many brands? ANSWER: We already carry the best and we only sell what we believe in. That's how we ensure you're getting the best products on the market and at great prices.

QUESTION: Do you have a rewards or referral program? ANSWER: Yes, we have a pretty awesome program that gains points for referrals as well. Points never expire also! View it here

QUESTION: Do you have a Military, First Responders, or Law Enforcement discount? ANSWER: Yes! We're happy to offer 5% lower prices on top of our everyday great prices! Please make sure your account is set up first, and then send us an email to with your email address and proof of eligibility and we'll get you added to the program ASAP.

QUESTION: Can I be an ambassador or sponsored athlete if I don't shop with you guys? ANSWER: If you haven't experienced our products and service, we aren't interested in this. This is how we ensure if you see anyone promoting for us, you know they're a genuine supporter and truly believe in our mission and beliefs. We don't hire anyone to pretend we're their #1 source for supplements.