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Great Results

Probably the most rapid results I have ever seen from any products. The tangible results I saw almost immedietly was in strength and "fullness" of muscle. I went from pressing 90 lb dumb bells for reps to 120 lb Db's in about a week.

I felt an increase in musclular endurance and fatigued much less quickly while using Genetix. Highly recommend.

The right kind of tingle!

Pre-Formance Black works well. I like to switch Pre-Workout's every month and Pre-Formance Black will certainly be in the rotation! I usually do 1.5 scoops, but 1 is plenty for the majority of people. The focus and energy was great but I really loved the tingling sensation that it provides, without feeling overly "burny". It really makes you feel like the product is working and taking effect. Hit really hard, I didn't crash at all and the energy sustained for hours. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Uprising actually works!

I have always been skeptical of "test boosters" because I have seen so many commercials that promise miraculous things and yet many of them come up short and have a very high price tag! Uprising is the first Test Booster that actually delievered on what it promised. After taking it consistently for a few days, I felt more vital, more alert and coherent and more energy. It didn't "Kick in" the way a pre-workout or energy drink does but I simply woke up feeling like a better version of myself. Great product, great dosage and ingredient panel and a very reasonable price. Highly recommend especially for anyone 30 or over!

Tri-Shred Works

Tri-Shred is one of my all time favorite products. It helps me stay lean and I feel an increased sense of vitality and mood enhancement when I take it. I feel increased muscular endurance when I do my body weight or cardio based workouts, such as Hitting the heavy bag/boxing or even just walking on an incline.

The results speak for themselves and it is nice to have a product that helps the body stay lean while maintaining the hard to earn muscle mass that we all work so hard to obtain! I also love the fact that I can still utilize a Pre-Workout or even a stim-based fat burner when I take Tri-Shred since it has no additional stimulants in the very high quality and well dosed ingredient profile. A "MUST TRY" if you want to look and feel your best!

The STIMS Rules!

THE STIMS I absolutely love the STIMS Pre-Workout! My favorite thing about is is the way it is dosed. I take 2 scoops when I work out early in the morning and the energy sustains throughout the rest of the day. If I have to workout a little later in the day, I take 1 scoop and still have plenty of energy to power through the workout and don't have any issue relaxing or falling asleep later in the evening.

The taste is good, the energy, focus and pump are awesome. Quickly becoming my favorite pre-workout of all time!


Density has always been one of my favorites, even from the start of Breakthrough. The blood flow and vascularity have never disappointed, even after several years! The formula on this one is on point.

Amazing Pump

Added this to my pre-workout and absolutely love it. Not only get amazing blood flow, but the pump in unreal, especially on chest and shoulder day!

the best creatine around. Not like the old stuff that's gritty and sits at the bottom. This stuff mixes perfectly and gives great results!

Jared Hutkowski
Extra Blood Flow

Add Pump to my preworkout each morning for some extra blood flow. Definitely feel the difference

Won't Disappoint

Great stack. An OG that never misses.

My Favorite Preworkout

Absolute best preworkout. Intense focus, energy and feel. My absolute go to. Taste and effect are on point

Great Change of Pace

Very close second best preworkout next to the Stims. Totally different feel and pump but if I need a change of pace this hits

Excellent Creatine

Great Creatine. Works like all Creatine but with 2extra mg in different forms

Intra Workout

Always use this intra workout especially with lifting at 5 am. Cherry limeade is the go to favorite but others taste pretty good as well


This has been a staple of my workout routine since it was first introduced. I could not imagine working arms or shoulders without it.

Results are amazing

Just like Power, this also has been a staple of my workout routine since it was first introduced. The results I get with this are amazing.


This product is fantastic! I've been using it consistently for almost 6 months and notice a huge difference in my hair, skin, and nails. My skin is clearer, my hair is stronger, and my nails are growing super fast. After trying a variety of other hair, skin, nails and/or collagen supplements throughout the years with very little results, I really read through the doses of each ingredient in Beauty. It is really well formulated, and I am excited by the results I've seen!

One of the best!

One of the best Pres I�ve ever used????? insane pump, focus, and energy!

Top Notch

This stuff is top notch and by far the best pre workout I�ve ever taken. There are no side effects, it tastes great, clean ingredients, and will give you consistently great workouts!

Feels great

Love the pump from this!! Feels so great, muscles feel better during the workout and recovery seems better too!


Been using this a bunch before my workouts. Feel it definitely helps with the pump and feeling stronger in and out of my workout!

Does the job

Flavor is different but not in a bad way at all. Definitely does the job and gives plenty of energy and focus in the gym!

Straight pumps

Straight PUMPs on this. Keeps my endurance high for lifts and gives an amazing pump. I will keep coming back for this for sure. One of my favorite products advanced has to offer.

Love it

Amazon for appetite control and that extra focus, energy burst. It helped me cut down a few pounds already while keeping my energy high for lifts still. Love it.

Pre workout

Good stuff

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