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Trevor Nolan Bower


I had wasted thousands of dollars on supplements buying things I was told I needed, later to find out I was just being sold things to meet a quota or provide a commission for the salesperson I spoke to.

Over ten years ago, I felt lost trying to lose fat and gain muscle. I was doing everything I thought I was supposed to do and became increasingly more frustrated. I turned to supplements for that missing piece of the puzzle for me. As you might imagine, the amount of conflicting information, gimmicks, and influencers out there made it impossible to know what would work for me.

In 2018, I found myself behind the wheel of a supplement business with the power to change the way the supplement industry worked. What we offered was simple: 1.) transparency & 2.) communication. Today, I’ve fostered a community of 10,000 individuals who have come together for one shared goal - to be better tomorrow than they are today. Personally, I went from complete mistrust and truly hating the supplement industry to now wanting the entire world to know what supplements can do for you. The greatest feeling to me is when someone tells me I’ve changed their life. 

My mission is to make a bigger impact on everyone tomorrow than I am today by giving them the tools to enhance their health and total trust in the products and the process.

Reach out anytime. I would love the opportunity to be a part of your health and fitness journey.


Phone: (717) 553-0500 (call or text)






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Photo Description: May 2015 (when Advanced Supps was established) --> December 31, 2023

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