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April 2, 2024 Update:

Although I gained weight for the first 6 weeks, it’s become clear that my body adjusted to my diet and I’m not eating enough to reach my weight goals. I believe my diet, workout routine, and supplement plan is dialed in so well that I’m utilizing nutrients very efficiently and can slowly increase the volume of my calories now.

I didn’t rush to increase my meal portions to give it more time. However, I have added 2 snacks to my day:

- mid-day snack: 2 rice cakes, banana, and peanut butter

- late-day snack: 2 rice cakes and almond butter

By the end of April, I will increase my meals to 8oz meat and 1.5 cups of rice (4x/day) and remove the added snacks for the start of that change. I will continue with this plan for 4 weeks and reassess adding 1-2 snacks back in, depending on my weight, energy, and appetite.

I will provide another update then! I’m focused on consistency and patience, and I believe that will give me the best, most sustainable results in the long term, while also prioritizing my health and wellbeing. We will see.

By Trevor Nolan Bower


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