The NEW Breakthrough DENSITY by Breakthrough Labz A PUMP PRODUCT THAT ACCELERATES BLOOD FLOW, INCREASES ENDURANCE, AND ENHANCES FOCUS!* Density is a phenomenal pump product that is stimulant free allowing...


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The NEW Breakthrough DENSITY by Breakthrough Labz


Density is a phenomenal pump product that is stimulant free allowing it to be paired with other pre-workouts for the best workout possible. The first and probably most recognizable ingredient is L-Arginine AKG. L-Arginine is a well-known vaso dilator, this means it will help open up your veins and blood vessels allowing more blood to reach your muscles resulting in better power output and a bigger pump. Next we have Glycerpump™ Glycerol Powder (65%). Glycerol powder has been used for a long time in the supplement industry to increase pumps and muscle fullness. The problem with glycerol powder in the past is that it is very unstable meaning manufacturers could never get high yield glycerol powder until Glycerpump™. With this new stable form of glycerol powder, you can expect even better pumps and extreme muscle fullness. The last four ingredients Agmatine Sulfate, Dendrobium, Phosphatidylserine 50%, and Huperzine work synergistically to provide an intense stimulant free focus, and power output. The added focus will help with mind muscle connection so that you have a better workout and an extreme pump.*

Breakthrough DENSITY:

  1. Skyrocket blood flow & pumps*
  2. Increase energy & strength*
  3. Enhance mood & mental focus*

Stacks Well With:

  • Breakthrough IMPACT: Hard-Hitting Pre-Workout Catalyst
  • Breakthrough POWER+: Size, Strength, & Pump Catalyst
  • Breakthrough VOLUMIZE: Natural Muscle & Strength

Why is DENSITY so popular and effective? 'Mind-Muscle Connection'

Breakthrough DENSITY is a unique blend of not only pump stimulating ingredients, but it also contains a nootropic that enhances memory, learning, concentration, and mental clarity. It incredibly helps us be in tune with our senses. This is key for strength training and muscle building.

How does DENSITY, a pump product, help for building muscle? It improves your 'Mind-Muscle Connection'

The 'Mind-Muscle Connection' (MMC) is the communication between your brain and your muscles while lifting. It's how strongly the brain controls your movements, and how well your movements stimulate the muscles during contraction.

'Neuromuscular Junction' is the technical term for where the brain communicates with the body, releasing a chemical called 'Acetylcholine' which binds to receptors on the muscle fibers and stimulates muscle contraction.

Muscle heads comprise of a lot of individual muscle fibers. You recruit more muscle fibers during contraction the stronger your MMC is.

You can increase your mind-muscle connection with Breakthrough DENSITY, along with a few exercise tricks.

Tricks for improving your 'Mind-Muscle Connection'

DENSITY will give you that strong pump to make you more aware of your muscles, as well as mental clarity, focus, and concentration, additionally increasing your brain's connection to the body part making the movement.

However, you can also increase your communication by focusing on strong contractions in every rep. 

These few tricks can help with that:

  1. Focus less on using heavy weight, and more on performing quality reps with lower weight
  2. Squeeze the weight and pause at your point of maximum contraction
  3. Perform your exercises more slowly than usual
  4. Visualize and "feel" your muscles contracting as you perform your reps, mentally isolating them
  5. Pose or flex in between sets, 'feeling' and contracting your muscles without the weight, in order to keep blood flowing in your muscles and staying 'pumped up'
  6. Perform rest-pauses, negative reps, and drop sets in your workouts, coupled with the tricks above to really maximize your muscle fibers being recruited
  7. Perform lighter weight exercises, focusing heavily on MMC, and then heavier weight exercises in the latter part of your workout
  8. On a different day, perform heavier weight exercises, and then finish up your workout with lighter weight and a stronger focus on MMC
  9. Try to feel every bit of your Range of Motion (ROM) on every rep
  10. Vary up the tempo of your concentric/positive contractions and eccentric/negative contractions, finding what tempos allow you to isolate the most and contract the hardest

Don't forget! SORENESS IS GOOD!

Remember, the more sore you are the day after your workout, the better job you did to really tear apart those muscle fibers so they can regrow and become larger than they were before (assuming that your nutrition is on point as well). Your MMC will help you do exactly that!

Enjoy trying out these tips, along with Breakthrough DENSITY, over your next few weeks of training!

*GlycerPump is a trademark of Pinnacle Ingredients Pty Ltd (Australia)


As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules about 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. An additional capsule may be taken once the user’s tolerance has been assessed. DO NOT EXCEED 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.


Consult with your physician before using this product. Do not take this supplement if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. This product should not be used by anyone under the age of 18. Athletes, check with your testing organization before using. User assumes all risks and liabilities related to use of this product. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep in a cool, dry place.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Density has always been one of my favorites, even from the start of Breakthrough. The blood flow and vascularity have never disappointed, even after several years! The formula on this one is on point.

Michael Ross
Results are amazing

Just like Power, this also has been a staple of my workout routine since it was first introduced. The results I get with this are amazing.

Josh Manuel
Breakthru density and focus

Great gains Great focus. Incredible blood flow truth is it lessened my work.out times before you know it the muscle is so engorged your spent

Raul Deantunano

Take it for arms and chest days, I get a great pump and feel extra focused when I stack this with my pre workout. Very good product, have bought 3 bottles so far.


Great product for pumps, endurance and focus. Consider stacking it preworkout with Mayhem or Impact. Another great product from breakthrough Labz

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XS 34-36 27-29 34.5-36.5
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M 38-40 31-33 38.5-40.5
L 40-42 33-36 40.5-43.5
XL 42-45 36-40 43.5-47.5
XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5
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