Centurion Labz TURKOVAR If you want to build lean, natural muscle without resorting to harmful steroids or hormones, Turkovar is a must.* It’s a top choice for athletes as contains...


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Centurion Labz TURKOVAR

If you want to build lean, natural muscle without resorting to harmful steroids or hormones, Turkovar is a must.*

It’s a top choice for athletes as contains three of the most effective, natural anabolic and anti-catabolic ingredients that support lean, natural muscle growth. These three powerful plant-based ingredients boosts your protein synthesis and prevents muscle breakdown: Turkesterone, Ecdysterone, and Epicatechin. Turkovar also contains Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb that naturally can lower your cortisol levels, improve your mood, and boost your endurance.*

We believe in transparency, which is why Turkovar proudly discloses every ingredient and its dosage. No hidden blends or proprietary formulas—just clear, accurate labeling.

That's why we created Turkovar. It's for the champions who dare to challenge themselves and push themselves further.*

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Pertinent Label Information

SUGGESTED USE: For best results, take four (4) capsules daily, in divided doses, with food. Take for up to 12 weeks, followed by a 4 week break.

WARNING: This product is only for adults over 18 years old. Don’t use it if you're pregnant, nursing, or planning to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor before using this product if you have any medical conditions or if you are taking any other medications. Stop using this product immediately if you experience any of these symptoms: rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, or anything similar. KEEP THIS PRODUCT AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Turkovar for?

A. Turkovar is for active men and women who want to build more lean muscle tissue and strength.

Q: Can beginners and women use Warpath Workout Maximizer?

A. Yes! Turkovar is a natural, plant based supplement. Women may choose to use half the recommended dose.

Q: How do I contact Centurion Labz if I have questions or want to provide feedback?

A. You can call or text 717-844-4254 or email at info@centurionlabz.com. The President of Centurion Labz himself will answer you personally, he’ll always be happy to hear from you and help you out with anything you need.

Q: Where can I find Turkovar?

A. Turkovar can be purchased here on our site or with one of our dozens of certified retail store partners across the U.S. We work with local businesses like mom and pop shops so we enjoy supporting those businesses as well.

Q: If I order today, when would my order ship?

We ship orders as soon as possible. Weekdays, orders that come in before 4-5pm EST typically ship the same day. We ship on Saturdays too, although our carrier pickup times vary. But we can assure Friday evening orders ship. Federal Holidays and USPS errors and delays are out of our control, but we do our best to help ensure every supplement gets to you safely and securely. 

About Centurion Labz

Centurion Labz was born in August 2014, with a vision to create the best products possible through science based supplementation. Founded by Dr. Nicholas Puccio & Dr. Joseph Kepko, two doctors who are passionate about fitness and health, Centurion Labz has always been committed to quality and integrity.

In September 2020, the company underwent a transformation to revitalize its brand and products. Since then, we have been working hard to improve every aspect of our business, from our formulas to our customer service.

We’re a small business with a small team and real athletes who use our products and support our mission 100%. We never compromise on our principles and we always strive to provide the best products and customer service in the sports nutrition industry.

We invite you to join us and #jointhelegion that is #centurionlabz.

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